Brushless Doubly Fed Reluctance Machines-operating Principles and Main Properties

M.G. Jovanović (UK)


Electrical Machines, Reluctance Drives.


This paper presents a brief tutorial on the Brushless Dou bly Fed Reluctance Machine (BDFRM). This slip power recovery machine is a relative of the Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Machine (BDFIM). It is also closely related to the conventional double excited wound rotor induction ma chine (DEWRIM). The potential advantage of the BDFRM over the BDFIM is the absence of copper rotor losses and therefore higher efficiency. Furthermore, with suitable con struction techniques the rotor should be simpler and more robust than that of the BDFIM. In comparison with the DEWRIM, the BDFRM is more reliable and maintenance free owing to its brushless structure. The paper will explain the basic principles of operation of the machine, develop a dynamic model, and finally examine some of its attractive properties.

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