Active Current Sharing of Paralleled DC/DC Power Converters through Wireless Communication

S.C. Tan, Y.M. Lai, and C.K. Lau (PRC)


Power converters, parallel, wireless communication, fre quency encoding, active current sharing.


Conventionally, paralleling of power converters requires external interconnection cables for communication of load sharing information, to achieve active current sharing con trol. This is undesirable as these cables are sources of single point failures, restrict the location of the units, and inconvenience the implementation of additional con verter modules during power system expansion. Hence, to eliminate these problems, this paper proposes an alterna tive means of communicating the load-sharing information through using the FM wireless communication technique. The idea is experimentally tested using two buck converters parallelled under the Master/Slave current sharing configu ration. The preliminary results showed current distribution property of satisfactory performance.

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