Evaluation of Solar-assisted Heat Pump with Concentric Pipe Evaporator

S.D. Odeh, S.D. Nijmeh, and B.A. Akash (Jordan)


Solar-assisted heat pump. Concentric pipe evaporator.


This paper presents experimental performance of a new type of solar assisted heat pump. The system employs a concentric pipe evaporator of which solar collector water is pumped through an inner tube. The refrigerant flows in the annular space between the inner and outer tubes. Such design characteristic provides enhancement of heating by the air in addition to the water. An experimental work was carried out on an existing (R-134a) heat pump to study the different factors that affect its capacity and operation. Experimental results were used to develop a computer model to investigate the performance of the proposed solar assisted heat pump in Amman, Jordan during the winter season. The model is also very useful for evaluating and comparing the heat output of different solar water heating systems under local climatic conditions.

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