Estimation of Interrupting Performance of Hybrid Fault Current-limiting Circuit Breaker

E. Calixte, Y. Yokomizu, S. Hirata, T. Matsumura, and H. Fujita (Japan)


Fault current limiter, air circuit breaker, interrupting perfor mance, arc conductance.


This paper describes the interrupting performance of a hy brid fault current-limiting circuit breaker (FCLCB) consist ing of an air circuit breaker unit and a resistive fault current limiting one. By means of Mayr equation, the time varia tion of the arc conductance in the air circuit breaker was evaluated to find out the interrupting performance of the FCLCB. A fault was assumed to occur at a distance of 0, 1, 4, 6 and 8 km away from the terminals of the FCLCB. The presence of the resistive fault current-limiting unit hav ing at least a limiting impedance of 5 is found to reduce both current and rate of rise of the recovery voltage (rrrv) so that the air circuit breaker unit can successfully interrupt the current for all fault locations. The results of this study show that connecting a resistive fault current-limiting unit in series with a circuit breaker may reduce the technical barrier of using certain non-greenhouse gases as quenching medium in high power circuit breakers.

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