Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for STATCOM using EMTP

S.A. Al-Mawsawi, M.R. Qader, and G.M. Ali (Bahrain)


: EMTP, FACTS, STATCOM, PWM, and Fuzzy logic controller.


This paper deals with a modern approach of controlling the power flow in AC transmission lines. The control and distribution of power flow in two parallel transmission lines will be implemented by applying one of the flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) which is STATic COMpensator (STATCOM) device. The STATCOM device is installed on one line of the two parallel transmission lines to design the controllers for such a system using Electromagnetic Transients Program (EMTP). The closed-loop STATCOM system as a terminal line voltage regulator is designed with fuzzy logic controller. The dynamic performance of the controller is tested. It is found that, the fuzzy logic controller forces the system to settle to the steady state value fast. The fuzzy logic controller is robust, it has a fast response during disturbance and parameters variation. The fuzzy logic controller can be tuned fast in EMTP.

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