Discrete System Model of a Six-pulse SVC

D. Jovcic and G.N. Pillai (UK)


Discrete event systems, Frequency domain analysis, Modeling, Power system dynamic stability, Static VAR Compensators


This paper presents a discrete state of a Static VAR Compensator that can be used for analysis and design in a wider frequency range. First a continuous model is derived segmenting the system into three subsystems and linking them together through d-q transformation. The issue of non-linear susceptance-voltage term and coupling with a static frame of reference is resolved using an artificial rotating susceptance. The discrete model is derived using the continuous domain model by employing the rules for z-domain transfer functions. The model is implemented in MATLAB and verified using non-linear digital simulation PSCAD/EMTDC in time and frequency domain. The discrete model is compared with the continuous model that employs artificial filter element and a higher accuracy for discrete model is clearly evident. A series compensator is developed using the discrete model to improve SVC system robustness to AC system changes. The PSCAD/ EMTDC simulations show that the response of the compensated system is much improved over a wide change in system strength.

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