The Strip Simulation Method for Computing Electric Field on Conductor Surfaces

Y. Yang, D. Dallaire, J. Ma, and F.P. Dawalibi (Canada)


Strip, Simulation, Charge, Potential, Electric Field,Conductor Surface, Bundle, Image


This paper proposes a new method, the Strip Simulation Method, for computing the electric field on the surfaces of conductors for power transmission systems. This method can also compute the electric field at any observation point in space. The effects of earth surface also have been taken into account. The computation results have been compared with those obtained using the well known successive image theory. The comparison of the results obtained for bundles of four conductors show that when the ratio of the conductor radius to the distance between conductors is greater than 1, the two methods give similar results. When it is smaller than 1, the Successive Image Method tends to overestimate the minimum gradient on the conductor for bundles with more than 2 conductors and the proposed method gives accurate results. A practical case of a transmission line has been studied in this paper. The electric fields on the conductor surface and at the earth surface have been computed. In this case, the proposed method and the image method give consistent results.

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