Distributed Database System for Economic Operation of Interconnected Power Plants

M.F. Aslam (Pakistan), D. Lidgate (UK), and T.A. Shami (Pakistan)


Power System Planning and Control, Distributed System Operation, , Reengineering, Decision Management.


The electrical power systems constitute dynamic entities spread over large areas. More and more electrical signals are being carried to the central dispatch office. The solution space of the problem is touching the combinatorial explosiveness. At the same time a lot of data is continuously generated in various parts of the system, but is still lying dormant and do not participate in the short term economic operation. If this information is collected in Distributed Client Server Databases located in various parts of the system then a number of parameters crucial for economic operation may be extracted and be instantly made available to the system operators. This information flows as database transactions and not as electrical signals in the SCADA system. As a part of this research a database system has been developed for thermal power stations to be ultimately connected in the proposed Distributed Database System. Simulation results show promising results.

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