Specification of Wheeling Paths by an Extended Sensitivity Analysis in Competitive Power Market

H. Hamada, R. Yokoyama, A. Kurita, and H. Magori (Japan)


Power Flow, Computational Method, Wheeling, Route Coloring, Sensitivity Analysis, Transmission Systems


This paper presents a practical method for specifying transmission routes of wheeling in competitive power markets based on an extended sensitivity analysis. The proposed method can identify the wheeling paths among generators and customers accurately and effectively. By using this method, it is possible to apply the specification of the transmission routes not only for wheeling from single generator to single customer, but for wheeling from plural generators to single customer and among plurality. By specifying transmission routes, it becomes possible to set up the proper and fair wheeling rate according to the degree of responsibility of each power flows. Moreover, such a wheeling rate also can send the true signals to new independent power producers in the market. Also in Japan, generation, transmission and distribution are progressing in the direction of unbundling or separation in the process of market liberalization, and the establishment of the third party organization like an ISO to manage transmission networks has been drown up by the government in the near future. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to specify the practical wheeling paths and set up the transparent wheeling rate. Thereupon the proposed sensitivity-based coloring method would serve as a powerful tool for the tasks.

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