Steady State Analysis of an Induction Generator Infinite Bus System

R.G. Kavasseri (USA)


induction generators, wind energy conversion


This paper conducts a fundamental analysis on the induc tion generator infinite bus system which is a useful repre sentation for a wind energy converter interfaced to a utility through a transmission line. A third order dynamic model is used to represent the induction generator and the re sultant nonlinear system equations are analyzed to derive a condition that guarantees the existence of equilibrium points (or steady state solutions) to the dynamic system. This condition is used to derive three other auxiliary condi tions which compute (i) the minimum value of capacitance, (ii) the maximum deliverable power and (iii) the maximum external reactance that can be connected to the machine. It is also shown that terminal voltage regulation has a strong restrictive influence on each the issues above. The analysis presented could be a useful tool for preliminary planning studies involving wind energy converters.

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