Improving Voltage Stability with the Connection of Distributed Generation

V.V. Thong, J. Driesen, and R. Belmans (Belgium)


- Distributed Generation, VoltageStability, Modelling, Distribution System


- Currently, the influences of electricity market liberalization and the Kyoto agreement have led to a profound change in the electricity system. This has resulted in an increased use of non-dispatchable decentralized or distributed generation connected to the local distribution systems. Distributed generation can have a significant impact on the power flow, voltage profile and the power quality for customers and electricity suppliers. This requires a suitable tool to analyze the influence of such technologies on the distribution system. In this paper, the models of distribution system components are developed for distribution load flow and voltage stability analysis. Then, the voltage steady-state stability and an initial approach to voltage dynamic stability are studied with several distributed generators under different load characteristics.

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