Comparative Study on Electric Energy Losses in Polish Distribution Sector

J. Nazarko and M. Rybaczuk (Poland)


Power distribution, electric energy market, electric energy losses, multidimensional data analysis, visual methods of multidimensional data analysis


Accurate calculation of energy losses, technical as well as commercial, in real power systems is a complex issue that requires consideration of many various factors. The analysis of electric energy losses in different distribution companies with respect to chosen characteristics (area size, number of recipients, load density, recipients density, network density, and others) is presented in this paper. In order to carry out a detailed analysis of losses characteristics and to examine the influence of different factors on the level of losses several classical methods of multidimensional data analysis have been applied. Additionally, a new method of graphic representation of the full structure of multidimensional data is proposed by the authors. The carried out analysis can be a meaningful voice in the ongoing discussion on shaping tariffs for electric energy. It is especially important in the context of deregulation of electric energy markets in Poland and Europe because losses reduce economic efficiency of a company thus worsen its competitiveness on the market.

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