A Recursive Algorithm for On-line Identification of Induction Motor Electrical Parameters

A. Bellini, S. Bifaretti, and S. Costantini (Italy)


Electrical Machines, Identification, Recursive Algorithms


The paper describes a methodology, for identifying the electrical parameters of induction motors, that can be per formed at standstill. The first results, obtained by simula tion, demonstrated that, in ideal conditions, the procedure allowed the simultaneous identification of all the parame ters of the motor model. However a few problems arose when the procedure is put into practice. In fact, differences between the current waves obtained from the motor model and those experimented and the presence of both measure ment noises and non-linear phenomena (saturation and hys teresis) imply that the identification procedure is able to provide, with a satisfactory accuracy, only two values: the sum of the stator and rotor resistances and the leakage in ductance.

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