Transient and Dynamic Stability Enhancement by Employing Energy Storage Type STATCOM

K. Kobayashi, M. Goto, T. Matsukawa, Y. Yokomizu, and T. Matsumura (Japan)


Transient stability, Dynamic stability, Static synchronouscompensator (STATCOM), Energy storage


This paper examines a method of transient and dynamic stability improvement by employing energy storage type STATCOM. The energy storage type STATCOM (ESTAT COM) is an advanced flexible ac transmission system (FACTS) device, which controls both active and reactive power injection/absorption to the power system. It gives a better power swing damping and improves the transient sta bility. Using a linearized block diagram developed by the authors, this paper presents the design of the ESTATCOM damping controller. Several simulations were carried out to show the effect of the designed ESTATCOM damping controller on the power system oscillation stability. More over, braking control method by ESTATCOM to prevent a generator to out-of-step is proposed. Digital simulations evaluate the effect of transient stability improvement.

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