Transient Stability Analysis of Induction Generator Using Equal Area Method

T. Senjyu, N. Sueyoshi, K. Uezato, H. Fujita, and T. Funabashi (Japan)


transient stability, critical clearing time, induction generator, three-phase fault, equal area method


Transient stability assessment of the wind power genera tor is one of main issues in power system security and op eration. The transient stability of the wind power gener ator is determined by its corresponding Critical Clearing Time(CCT). Conventionally, determination of the induc tion generator CCT involves a large number of trial and er ror that require repetitive runs of related time domain simu lation. In this paper, we present transient stability analysis technique and transient behavior analysis formulae of in duction generators used in wind power generating system at three-phase fault conditions. The proposed method is developed using the equal area method. The validity of the developed technique is confirmed by the results obtained from trial and error method using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

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