A General Program to Analyse the Steady-state Behaviour of Power Systems Including Static Converters

A. Bellini, S. Bifaretti, and S. Costantini (Italy)


Modelling and Simulation of Power Systems, Power Quality, Piecewise linearization


The paper presents an interactive program useful to anal yse the steady-state behaviour of power systems including static converters. In particular, beginning from a netlist like description of the system structure and the values of its parameters, the program allows at first the determination of the steady-state values of the system state variables at a pre fixed initial instant and, successively, the computation of several features characterizing the steady-state behaviour. In particular, the program calculates the mean values and the harmonic coefficients of the most significant quantities and the stability of the power system. Finally, also the dy namic evolution produced by a disturbance or a parametric variation can be computed.

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