Supersonic Turbulent Fuel-air Mixing and Evaporation

F. Moukalled and M. Darwish (Lebanon)


evaporation, condensation, phase change, multi-phase flow.


Supersonic mixing and evaporation of poly-disperse sprays in complex flow systems are important in many engineering applications. The Eulerian and Lagrangian methods are two essentially different approaches for modeling such two-phase flows. Considering sprays consisting of droplets of various diameters, the Lagrangian approach accounts for each droplet discretely, while the Eulerian approach model the droplets, through an averaging process, as a continuum representing a second phase in addition to the gas phase. In this paper, adopting the Eulerian approach, an all speed control volume-based numerical procedure for predicting turbulent mixing and evaporation of droplets of variable diameters is formulated and implemented.

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