Modeling of the Turbulent Boundary Layer of a Disperse Medium on a Flat Plate

S. Shahriari and H.B. Tabrizi (Iran)


Particulate Boundary Layer, Turbulence, Simulation, Modeling, Two-Fluid Model, Fictitious Diffusion.


This work is devoted to the behavior of solid particles in a flat plate turbulent boundary layer. The solid phase is considered to be as a continuum. A two-fluid model coupled both phases is used. The turbulence closure model is achieved by Prandtls effective viscosity model. The proposed numerical solution of model is based on finite difference scheme. The results are shown to be in a good agreement with the experimental results. This model endows the particulate phase with diffusivity term, while retaining the small volume fraction. Graphs are drawn to show the effect of suspended particles on the flow characteristics.

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