Effect of Janssen Factor and Drag Force on the Flow Pattern in the Annulus of a Spouted Bed

M.Z.A. Anabtawi, A. Rashid, and A. Al-Muftah (Bahrain)


Spouted bed, Force balance model, Darcy's flow, Drag force, Velocity distribution, Janssen Factor


A mathematical model based on Mamuro and Hattori's force balance model including the drag force effect on the particles in the annulus of a spouted bed is proposed. Results were compared with the models proposed by Mamuro and Hattori [4] for Darcy's flow and with the model of Epstein and Levine [7] and that of Hattori et al. [9] for Non-Darcy flow in the annulus. Results show that the proposed force balance model predicts lower value of Ua/Umf as Z/Hm increase, and a higher value of Ur/Uro which implies more radial cross flow from the spout to the annulus especially in the lower part of the bed compared to Mamuro and Hattori model [4]. The model shows a qualitative agreement with the model proposed by Hattori et al. [9] for non-Darcy flow. The new model was found to be sensitive to Janssen factor.

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