A Fuzzy Logic based Model for Foreign Direct Investment in the Manufacturing Multinational Companies: The Case of the UAE

M.S. Aljunaibi and V.I. Vitanov (UK)


Fuzzy systems, fuzzy modelling, foreign direct investment.


This paper uses fuzzy logic through the application of artificial intelligence techniques in order to develop a fuzzy logic based model for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the manufacturing multinational companies (MNC's) operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is intended to investigate the country's general attractiveness to foreign investors through the identification of the influential factors of foreign direct investment and the assessment of the quality of the investment environment in the UAE. Fuzzy inference models have been used to describe the relationships between different influential factors and selected policies. Because of the nature of the expert information that is currently available, fuzzy sets and approximate reasoning have been used to obtain a global `good enough' solution. Fuzzy rules have been developed on the basis of the expert knowledge of FDI obtained through extensive literature sources and interviews with more than one hundred experts and foreign investors from the field. The developed model could be used further to select optimal policies for further improvement. It integrates factors that influence foreign investors' decision in order to obtain an estimate that will reflect the general attractiveness of the UAE's investment climate.

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