Simulation and Optimization of a Wide-bandwidth Transimpedance Amplifier

N. Ula (USA) and S.M.R. Hasan (UAE)


Simulation, Optimization, broad-band amplifier, inductivepeaking, optical transceiver.


This paper describes the simulation and optimization of a low noise CMOS current feedback transimpedance amplifier using a low-cost Agilent 0.5m 3M2P CMOS process technology. The bandwidth of the amplifier was extended using the inductive peaking technique, and, simulation results indicated a 3db bandwidth of 3.5 GHz with a transimpedance gain of 60dB ohms. The dynamic range of the amplifier was high enough to enable an output voltage swing of around 400mV for a test input current of 100A. The output noise voltage spectral density was 12nV/sqrt(Hz) (with a peak of 25nV/sqrt(Hz)), while, the input referred noise current spectral density was below 20pA/sqrt(Hz) within the amplifier frequency band.

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