The Field-orientated Control of the Parallel-fed Double-armature Synchronous Machine: Some Considerations about Steady State and Stability

C. Bruzzese and E. Santini (Italy)


Doubly fed induction machine, vector control.


In this paper some general aspects of primary importance about the steady state and transients of the doubly-fed wound rotor induction machine (DFIM) will be shown, as the limited dependence of stator flux on the impressed rotor currents, the strong dependence of inherent machine stability on the direct component of impressed rotor currents, the possibility to define a "reactive torque" that turns out in the reactive power analytical expression, in analogy with the active torque (the electromagnetic torque), and by which a deeper machine knowledge and easier control can be reached. A simple graphical method is explained that allows to obtain the complete steady-state vector diagram of the machine. Some simulations are carried out in order to verify the machine behaviour.

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