Features of Manufacturing Processes Scheduled by Hybrid Dynamical Approach

A. Anufriev (Hungary)


Hybrid dynamical approach, Manufacturing scheduling, Discrete event simulation


Hybrid Dynamical Approach to FMS scheduling is a new direction. The first results were published a little bit more than ten years ago. Recently, qualitative theory, method for demand rate determination and the controlled buffer technique were proposed. Nevertheless, some of the important for practical application points are not cleared enough. The processes are very much affected by the different parameters like initial conditions, the proper choice of demand rates and the input strategy of the servers. It is possible to make some analytical study but the best way is the discrete simulation. Taylor ED simulation system was used. This article introduces the current state of investigation. This article introduces the Generalized Model which summarise all parameters of the production process and interrelations between them. The investigation of two parameters of this model is given in this paper. The investigations have been done by using discrete event simulation method.

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