Custom-made Production of Porous Ceramics Implants based on Digital Implants Model

T. Ito and T. Sato (Japan)


Biomedical modeling, Computer-aided design, virtualreality, visualization


The paper proposes a virtual design approach using digital implant model to custom-made production of porous ceramics implants, considering two major issues: design issue and material issue for tailor-made design and production for hard-tissue implants. Custom-made shape design on hard-tissue implants are required, however, appropriate design for custom-made production needs preliminary operation. Since it is not easily accepted, prefabricated implants are commonly used. In addition to this design issue, material issue of implants is also under discussion. Porous ceramics are regarded as a suitable material for hard tissue implants, because they are compatible with bone and hard-tissue goes into the pore, which makes the bone formation with ceramics in the final stage. But their fragile features are not suitable for mechanical processing to create the complicated shape to fit the damaged portion of bone. The paper proposes a new solution to these two issues, using a virtual environment for design and production on ceramics implants. The digital model prepared in the virtual environment plays a major role in our approach, and will be shared by those who are involved in the medical treatment using implants. The paper covers the basic idea of the approach and describes its goal of tailor made implants operation.

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