New Criteria for Motion Estimation in Video Compressing

J.-Y. Huang, L.-J. Wang, H.-H. Chen, S.-H. Wang, and W.-S. Hsieh (Taiwan)


: Motion Estimation, Mean Square Error,Prediction Error


In this paper, a new criteria is proposed to determine a referent macro block within the search window in a referent frame that best matches the estimated current macro block in the current frame. The Prediction Error(PE) is defined to be a new criterion which can get better performance in compressed data length than the Mean Square Error(MSE) used by most of motion estimation methods. The other criterion combined PE and MSE is proposed to get better performance than the PE. We apply the two new criteria to UCBDS to show the performance of the new criteria. The evaluation results show that using new criteria in UCBDS can get more 40% reduction in compressed data size than the UCBDS with MSE.

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