Performance Modeling of a Telecommunications Network with Internet Traffic

S.S. Al-Wakeel and A.S. Al-Obaid (Saudi Arabia)


Internet Traffic Modeling, Transmission Line Modeling, Telecommunication Network Simulation,Network Congestion simulationTo model the network Internet arrival process withvarious Internet traff


Internet today becomes the main source of informations and the preferred communication tool around the world and the number of Internet users is growing fast. The traffic generated by dial-up access to the Internet is a major cause of overload on the telephone network. This is a result of the telephone network being mainly designed for speech calls with an average of call period around three minutes. Internet call connection between a user homes and Internet Service Provider (ISP) may, however, takes several hours. This change in call times affects significantly the performance of the telephone network. In this paper we present a simulation model and analysis results for the performance of Internet traffic over a telephone network and discuss some alternative solutions or topologies to improve the network congestion performance. In this research, we combined and applied various results suggested by many researchers to study and analyze Internet traffic congestion in the telephone Telecommunications network. Several queuing and simulation models to different cases of Internet traffic over the network were developed. The goals of this research were: One of the major benefits of this research is to enable telephone network and Internet providers to accurately estimate the number of users or connections that can be supported for a given capacity and user traffic patterns. To model the telephone network, with Internet dial up access requests.

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