Identification of Cascade Wiener and Hammerstein Systems

F. Guo and G. Bretthauer (Germany)


Nonlinear identification; Wiener-Hammerstein system; Hammerstein-Wiener system


This paper describes an unified new recursive identification method for the Wiener-Hammerstein system and the Hammerstein-Wiener system with continuous and two typical discontinuous nonlinearities. With the construction and estimation of intermediate variables and by using the key term separation principle, such a cascade Wiener and Hammerstein system can be approximately transformed into a pseudo-linear MISO system under some common assumptions. Using the adaptive recursive pseudo-linear regressions (RPLR) for a linear MISO dynamic system and smoothing and filtering techniques for estimation of the intermediate variables, satisfied parameter estimates can be obtained in the presence of a white or a colored measurement noise without parameter redundancy. The performance of the developed method is both analyzed theoretically and illustrated by means of simulation results.

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