Active Suppression of Vibration Modes with Piezoelectric Patches: Modeling, Simulation and Experimentation

A. Gani and R. Khan (Malaysia)


Piezoelectric materials, active vibration control, real-time implementation, Inverse-PID controller, xPC, MATLAB


Active vibration control of the first three modes of a vibrating cantilever beam using piezoelectric patches is examined in this paper. A model based on Euler-Bernoulli beam equation is adopted and extended to the case of three bonded piezoelectric patches which act as sensor, actuator and exciter respectively. The sensor and the actuator are collocated to achieve a minimum phase. A compensated inverse PID controller has been designed and developed to damp these modes. Simulation studies are carried using MATLAB. Individual controller has been designed for each mode and then combined in parallel to damp any of the three modes. Finally, the simulation results are compared and verified experimentally and the real-time implementation is carried out with xPC target toolbox in MATLAB.

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