Modeling and Control Design of a Laboratory Scale Helicopter

X. Wei and P. Lautala (Finland)


3DOF Helicopter toy, Modeling, Nonlinear mathematical model, Linearized mathematical model, LQR.


- Helicopter toy is a laboratory and research pilot manufactured by Quanser Consulting, Inc. [3]. The pilot provides a wealth of control system design and analysis features that make it very useful for education and research purposes. The mathematical model of the helicopter exhibits natural nonlinearity, instability and significant cross-coupling between three control channels. The range of possible laboratory research works covers such areas as computer-aided study, design, modeling, and analysis of dynamical systems, building the nonlinear mathematical models, linearization, simplification, identification, state feedback design etc. In this paper, a nonlinear dynamic mathematical model based on the physical system is derived via Lagrange dynamics equations and Newton's second law. Because the model helicopter has significant cross-couplings, a state-space multi-input multi-output (MIMO) model is preferred, a appropriate linearized model is generated to take place of the original nonlinear model. Both of those two modeling approaches are experimentally identified. In addition a LQR controller was used into optimal pilot's flight achieved by simulation and its performance was also evaluated.

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