Simulation and Verification of HDL based Designs in Simulink

K. Rauma, O. Laakkonen, K. Szmich, J. Luukko, and O. Pyrhönen (Finland)


Simulation, Simulation tools, HDL, Programmable logic


Field programmable gate arrays have developed rapidly in last years. The size and the speed of the circuits has grown. The devices combine the flexibility of software with the performance of hardware giving increased efficiency. This offers an opportunity to implement larger models that also includes a lot of arithmetic operations. Larger models are more difficult to test and verificate. This paper presents a new way to simulate and verificate HDL based designs in Simulink1 using a new tool called HDL simulation library. An arithmetic approach of direct torque control (DTC) algorithms was implemented in FPGA. The whole DTC-model was tested in Simulink using a full motor model created in it. The simulation and verification of DTC model and benefits of the HDL simulation library are described here.

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