Design of Microsystems using Models on Different System Levels

M. Husak (Czech Republic)


Modelling, Microsystems, Simulation, Design, Equivalent parameters


System engineering approach is applied to the design of microsystems. Complex approach is necessary for the design of a system integrating several energy domains. The paper describes possible approaches to the design. The design is divided into several levels. Basic level is represented by models including physical and material properties of designed microsystem structures. For design optimisation, it is necessary to use modelling on structural and material levels, further it is necessary to consider influence of technological process and modelling on physical level. The highest system level is represented by system models with the system functions. Various software tools are used for the model development on individual levels. Using specified simplifications, hardware models can be developed on certain levels for verification of basic properties of the system. Macromodels enable to apply complex approach to modelling on selected levels. Frequently design can be simplified utilizing equivalent models realized by equivalence of discrete elements between various energy domains. Presented principles of microsystem design using models defined at various system levels can be simplified and then used for educational purposes.

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