A Rating Model Applied for Designing Drugs

R. Câmpean and A. Prodan (Romania)


Mathematical modelling, evaluation, weights, scoring function, rating.


Multifactor analysis is a collection of techniques, which helps in decision process. In this paper we continue some preoccupations of the author in multifactor analysis methods with direct application in pharmaceutical research. The paper presents a matriceal method of rating applied to a problem of classification in dermopharmaceutical field. Six creams for dermatological use were tested to a lot of ten patients. Each cream was studied in rapport with four characteristics: pruritus, erithem, secretions, and presence of scales. We use a multifactor matriceal method to establish a hierarchy between creams. The purpose of our method is to compose the matrix of evaluation of the alternatives (creams) and the matrix of relative importance of the criterions. Some functions are applied on those matrixes. From these calculations we obtain scores for creams. So, we can rate the alternatives and decide for the optimal one. Data are organized and computed using Excel spreadsheets. Some equations are solved in Mathcad using numerical methods. This rating model will be the base of a set of applets designed using Java technologies. The intention is to distribute on the Internet some useful tools for researchers who have to approach decisional situations.

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