Visualizing and Modeling Cloud for Virtual Environment

M.S. Sunar, M.A. Rana, S. Kari, A. Bade, and Y.M. Saman (Malaysia)


Clouds, Fractal, Natural Phenomena, Modeling,Computer Graphics, and Visualization.


An important role of computer graphics is the visualization of real world objects. Simulation of clouds is indispensable for creating realistic images of natural scenes, creating realistic images of outdoor scenes, visualization of weather information, weather forecasts, flight simulators, air-to-air combat, simulation of intelligent weapon systems which seek and identify aerial targets in cluttered background, and so on. Rendering of clouds is a challenging, complicated, tedious and computational intensive task, especially for real time applications. The properties of clouds make their simulation a challenging and difficult task. This paper intends to give a general overview of modelling and visualizing clouds.

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