Pre-calculated Fluid Simulator States Tree

M. Gayer and P. Slavík (Czech Republic)


CFD, Real-time and Interactive Simulation, FluidSimulators and Solvers, Data sets, Coal Combustion.


We present our original methodology for acceleration of fluids simulation computed by structured fluid simulators and solvers. The methodology is based on storing Pre Calculated Fluid Simulator States (FSS) and organizing them in hierarchical tree structures allowing incremental solving, interactive replaying and modifications of simulated tasks. Thus, the parameters and boundary conditions of the simulation can be real-time modified during replaying. The simulation using our methodology is based on only partial computation with synchronous utilization of pre-calculated fluid simulator states stored on hard disk storage. We have incorporated this concept into real-time simulation and visualization system of combustion processes in pulverized coal boilers. The system is based on a simple fluid simulator and a coal particle system. We have made comparison of FSS features with classical approach of storing data sets and saving the visualization output to common movie formats. Furthermore, we have performed measurements of overall acceleration of simulation and discussed disk space demands. The disk space requirements are in orders less demanding than the ones needed for storing corresponding data sets. This allows better scalability and storing and interactive replaying simulation results of complex tasks with large grids and/or ten thousands of particles.

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