Evanescent Wave Attenuation based Waveguide Sensor with Applications to Monitoring of Environmental Pollutions

H.J. Kadim, P.J. Scully, and Y.M. Wong (UK)


Modelling, Sensor, Environment


To be useful in real-life applications in the industrial or medical environment, a sensor system must be able to communicate, adjust its operation and make a decision. A tapered waveguide is formed that can be sensitised to environmental conditions by using a measurand for the cladding in order to modify the guidance properties of the waveguide. An integrated sensor system is presented where by such a waveguide is chemically etched by exposure of an optical material to a solvent, in order to define the waveguide parameters. To simulate this process, the waveguide is replaced by an optical fibre that is tapered by a solvent in an automated system.

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