Structural and Modal Analysis of High Speed Transfer Type Laser Cutting Machine

C.M. Lee and S.H. Lim (Korea)


Laser cutting machine, Structural analysis, Modal analysis,F.E.M. (Finite element method).


This paper is concerned about modal and structural analysis of a high speed transfer type laser cutting machine. In order to analyze the machine by finite element method, external force is assumed by acceleration and mass of the gantry of the machine. Modal analysis for finding eigen-values and mode shapes of the system is performed and it is shown that the dynamic analysis is unnecessary for this system under its operating condition. Bed and gantry part of the developed machine is shown in Fig.1 A high speed transfer type laser cutting machine is developed for precise cutting of sheet metal. The machine is a flying optics type one with specified functions of movability and strength in order to increase workability. The gantry frame should be moved with a certain velocity within a relatively short time for the proper cutting of object materials. The gantry is actuated by rack and pinion. In this paper, modal and structural analysis for a laser cutting machine is carried out to obtain design data in development of the machine. The machine is modeled by using proper shell and solid finite elements and fictitious mass properties to represent the real one. 2. Standard of Analysis and Load Condition The requirements of accuracy and feed rate of the developed laser cutting machine are shown in table 1.

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