Introduction to DrLoop – A Software Module for Assessment of Control Loop Performance

C.-W. Lai, T.-C. Wang, M.-W. Lee, H.-S. You, and J.-C. Jeng (Taiwan)


Control loop, health inspectors, disturbance rejection,setpoint tracking, ratio controller, multivariate controlpairing


DrLoop is a module of the Plant Information Management System (PIMS) software that is being developed by Center for Environmental, Safety and Health Technology Development, Industrial Technology Research Institute (CESH/ITRI). It will be developed to assess control loop performance for chemical industries. This paper describes the functionalities of DrLoop. It consists of five components: health inspectors, disturbance rejection assessment, setpoint tracking assessment, ratio controller assessment, and multivariate control pairing assessment. Health inspectors evaluate the regular operation conditions of control loops. The objectives of the next three components, the disturbance rejection assessment, setpoint tracking assessment and ratio controller assessment are apparent as their names are. And the last component, the multivariate control pairing assessment, analyzes the suitability of the manipulated and controlled variables pairing for multivariable control systems.

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