Direct Yaw Moment Controller Design for Vehicle Dynamic Control Systems

A. Goodarzi, B. Naderkhani, and E. Esmailzadeh (Iran)


Vehicle dynamic control, yaw moment control, stability


Direct yaw moment control (DYMC) is one of the most effective method that improves not only the directional stability of the vehicles but also their road handling and controllability to a great extent. In this method by developing a difference in the longitudinal force (often the braking force) on two sides of the vehicle, an external stabilizing yaw moment is applied to the vehicle. In this study, an optimal control law for DYMC is proposed. The control law is based on the yaw rate, the lateral velocity feedback, and the steering angle feedforward. Simulation results obtained indicate that considerable improvement in the vehicle dynamic behavior can be achieved when the optimal yaw moment controller is engaged.

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