Harmony Search Algorithm: Application to Optimal Planning of Pipe Network Rehabilitation

J.-H. Kim, C.-W. Baek, E.-S. Kim (Korea), Z.-W. Geem (USA), and M.-J. Park (Korea)


Pipe, Rehabilitation, Optimal Planning, Harmony Search


An optimal planning model for rehabilitation of water networks is presented. Capital costs (replacement, rehabilitation and repairing costs), benefits (by the reduction of pumping cost and leakage cost), and hydraulic reliability are used for making an optimal decision for the rehabilitation plan of a water pipe network. KYPIPE is used for checking the hydraulic reliability. A multi-objective optimization model is successfully developed in this study. And the task is tackled using a new meta-heuristic algorithm, Harmony Search, for solving a large optimization problem to which conventional optimization techniques are poorly suited. Five different models with different objective functions are developed and tested according to various conditions considered in this study. These models provide more options for the rehabilitation of pipe network systems compared to previously suggested models in the literature.

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