The Nursery Model for Logical Virtual Environment

T.-H. Kim, E.-H. Lee, and J.-H. Park (Korea)


Nursery Model, Virtual Environment, Logical Linkage, Situation


In this paper, we propose a mechanism called the Nursery Model to situate objects in a virtual environment. The existing systems can't provide the authenticity of the virtual environment in that they have not considered logical linkage between objects and the environment. The Nursery Model prepares the objects to be probably used later as historical entities based on the ontology. Those objects are grown in ideal conditions until they are transplanted onto a virtual environment. Also they are designed to respond logically or naturally to external impacts in terms of environmental factors. In construction of a situation, these active objects are adapted to the environment and logically linked via relevant laws and constraints. Therefore this model aims to provide logical linkage between the objects and their environment, and the objects themselves.

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