A New Planning Algorithm of Weaving Trajectory Control using Bezier Spline

W.-J. Chung, D.-Y. Kim, C.-K. Park, Y.H. Choi, Y.-K. Seo, and H.-P. Hong (Korea)


Planning Algorithm, Weaving Trajectory Control, Bezier Spline, Catmull-Rom Curve, Simple Weaving, Triangular Weaving.


In this paper, we propose a new weaving trajectory algorithm for the arc welding of a articulated manipulator. The algorithm uses the theory of Bezier spline. We make a comparison between the conventional algorithms using Catmull-Rom curve and the new algorithms using Bezier spline. The proposed algorithm has been evaluated based on the MATLAB environment in order to illustrate its good performance. The algorithm has been implemented on to the industrial manipulator of DR6 so as to show its real possibility. Through simulations and real implementations, the proposed algorithm can result in high-speed and flexible weaving trajectory planning and can reduce the processing time because it needs one-half calculation compared to the conventional algorithm using Catmull-Rom curve.

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