Comparison of Different Maintenance Policies using Simulation

A. Houshyar, A. Jafri, and V. Naiksatam (USA)


: DiscreteEvent Simulation, ProModel,Preventive and Corrective Maintenance (OEE).


A leading automotive supplier produces interior panels (dashboard, door panels and visors) for cars. One of their plants in West Michigan has dealt with a history of setbacks in their attempts to implement a series of recommended preventive maintenance, mainly due to high demand on machine utilization and rigid production schedule. The authors were asked to study the impact of preventive maintenance and to investigate the possibility of executing the machinery builder's recommended preventive maintenance policy without adversely impacting the stipulated production quotas. Using ProModel@ , a simulation model was produced that incorporated key characteristic of the actual system. Running the model, the system throughput under two main scenarios was simulated and the statistics of interest were collected. Using the statistical software MINITAB@ , statistical tests was carryed out which indicated that performing the recommended yearly preventive maintenance program would not affect the ability to produce the quota and reduces the maintenance cost.

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