Fuzzy Regression to Construction Management via T-S Fuzzy Model

C.-W. Chen, C.-Y. Chen, M.H.L. Wang, K. Yeh, and T.-Y. Hsieh (Taiwan)


Fuzzy S-curve regression, T-S fuzzy model, working capital management.


In the contractual business, construction firms are generally more concerned with short-term financial strategies than the long-term ones. Working capital management is the central issue of all short-term financial concerns. Thus, it's urgent to study the cash portion of working capital management to rationalize the amount of cash and current assets possessed in certain time. The S-curve is quite suitable to represent the relationship between project duration and complete progress in practical usage of construction management. Based on the technique of Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model, the fuzzy regression model is constructed for curve fitting problems.

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