A Study of PDC Fuzzy Control of Structural Systems using LMI Approach

C.-W. Chen, W.-L. Chiang, and F.-H. Hsiao (Taiwan)


H∞ control, linear matrix inequality, parallel distributed compensation.


This paper proposes a design method of H∞ control performance for structural systems using Tagagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy model. The structural system with tuned mass damper is modeled by T-S type fuzzy model. By using parallel distributed compensation (PDC) scheme, we design a nonlinear fuzzy controller for the tuned mass damper system. This control problem will be reformulated into linear matrix inequalities (LMI) problem. Furthermore, the tuned mass damper will be designed according to the first mode of frequency of the control system and then the fuzzy controller will be found via Matlab LMI toolbox to stabilize the structural system. A simulation example is given to show the feasibility of the proposed fuzzy controller design method.

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