Power Plant Boiler Level Control using Immune Algorithm based Fuzzy Rule Auto-tuning

D.H. Kim (Korea)


Optimal control; Boiler level control;Immune algorithm, Fuzzy control.


: The key study problem of level control of boiler (or steam generator) in power plants exists because they are typically non-linear and multi-variable with multiple control objectives. The conventional controls such as PID compensators do not have the flexibility necessary to provide a good performance over a wide region of operation in this system. Since application of modern optimal control techniques in this system yields system performances that are optimal at only one operating point, it cannot provide the required robustness. A goal of intelligent control design is to obtain a controller based on input/output information only. The immune algorithm (IA) is a method that holds promise for such a control system design using the mechanics of antibody against antigen. Boiler level control of power plant is studied using immune algorithm based fuzzy rule tuning.

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