Support Personalization of Learning on the Web by Software Agents

W. Pan (Australia)


personalization of learning, Web based learning environment, software agents, Internet-related programs, learning objects


Personalization of learning on the Web is currently one of the most important issues in the area of e-learning. It involves multiple paradigms, such as context, methodology, and so on. To support personalized learning on the Web requires the coordinated efforts from both teaching and learning. We incorporate the software agents with different expertise into the learning processes to assist individual learners in creation of personally learning experiences by the association of the agents with the Internet-related programs used by the teacher and the learner on the learning. In this paper the learning methods on the Web are explored and a model is then constructed to describe the Web based learning environment. An architectural framework of a multi-agent system to facilitate personalized learning on the Web is presented. After that the supports for personalized learning by the agents in the architecture are analyzed. At the final some conclusions are presented.

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