Believable Synthetic Characters in a Virtual eMarket

F. Barthelemy, B. Dosquet, S. Gries, and X. Magnant (Australia)


synthetic characters, chatterbot, data mining, electronic markets


In an experimental eMarket virtual world technology provides an immersive, complete trading environment. Traders are represented as avatars that interact with each other, and have access to market data and general information that is delivered by data and text mining machinery. To enrich this essentially social market place, synthetic bots have been constructed. They too are represented by avatars and are indistinguishable from avatars that represent human traders. Although they provide little more than "idle chatter" they fulfill a key role by enriching the social fabric. They are built on deep models of character, and are clearly individuals. They acquire their information with text and data mining machinery that continually scans market data and general financial news feeds.

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