Intelligent Dynamic Enquiry Methodology for Innovation Technology

N. Lambropoulos (UK)


online communities, AOSE specification methodology


The explicit objective of this study is to develop a methodological approach based on identification of online community members' needs towards the specification phase in Agent-Oriented Software Engineering. Intelligent Dynamic Enquiry (IDE) methodology is based on the Dynamic Enquiry. The implicit objective is to design a tailored Agent-Oriented System based on members' proposals to promote participation in online dialogue. The suggested frameworks bridge a theoretical gap regarding a methodology for patterns recognition as well as online communities. Active Readers On the Web (AROW) definition for users and a division between enformatic, pseudo- energetic and energetic communities, as well as blended and online communities seemed to be needed. `Spiral Identification of Information Locus in Online Discussion' (SILOD) portrays the raised stages and structure properties revealed by IDE. The tailored system would enhance creativity, online dialogue and save significant time for newcomers' introduction and engagement in virtual communities.

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