Artificial Intelligence Assisting Nozzle Geometry Design

M. Ahmed, T. Hussain, and A.A. Khan (Pakistan)


Neural Network Model, Computational Intelligence, Neural Network Optimization, Nozzle Geometry, Nozzle Design.


Unlike Airfoil, there are no known series or nomenclature available in the theory for design of nozzle geometry. Moreover, there are no set methods that could be used to determine the nozzle geometry for a given set of design conditions. Nozzle geometry estimation is thus determined as a black box problem. In this paper a new approach to determine this geometry has been outlined and used. Artificial intelligence technique has been used to resolve the nozzle geometry determination problem. A Neural network model has been designed, implemented and optimized in the outlined approach. All sub-issues of Neural networks such as, training, testing, comparison and simulation algorithm of the optimized network has been developed and briefly discussed in this paper.

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