Representing Knowledge of Hierarchical Mechatronic Systems in Web-Ontologies

W. Dangelmaier, P. Scheideler, and A. Schmidt (Germany)


Ontology, Hierarchical Mechatronic System


The objective of the Collaborative research centre 614 "Self-optimising Concepts and Structures in Mechatronic Engineering" is the ability to assemble comprehensive future mechatronic systems from single intelligent units. These units have specific abilities assuming autonomously the solution of a problem. The individual systems are integrated into one overall system being characterised by an active communication and cooperation between the units. If these units exchange information (data), from the IT point of view, we refer to an agent system. An agent of this system is an autonomous, active and intelligent entity striving to optimise its own behaviour either autonomously or in cooperation with other agents. In case the system is optimised by a cooperation process, it is necessary for the agents to communicate with each other. Therefore, a multi agent system acting in more than one domain requires a precise notional concept for the receiver and the sender to understand the exchanged message. The solution for achieving this state are ontologies. They structure and describe unambiguously the environment. Without this unambiguity, misunderstandings and therefore the failure or collapse of a complex system might be the consequence. Thus, a system is to be developed maintaining two objectives: unambiguously describing the environment for all situations and being a mapping system for heterogeneous knowledge bases.

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